Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back after a bit of a break

It's been a while, since the last post, been busy with stuff.  Anyway, back at it.  The weather broke for a few days and it was fun to see some bikes out there. There were even some commuters in the parking garage at work.  They keep talking about $5 or even $6 gas this summer...I hope that a lot more guys (and girls) will figure out the logistics of commuting on their bike.  I plan to ride to work as much as I can.   I wear a suit to work but I am going to figure out how to make it work, rather than drive my 15 mpg pickup.
Anyway, as mentioned before, I ride a suzuki c50 boulevard, which is a cruiser. I picked up a genuine OEM suzuki windshield for her yesterday on Ebay for $160 less than suggested retail.  The windshield will make the commuting much nicer. 
Speaking of accessories, I have been dressing my bike out strictly by buying stuff on E-bay at deep discounts to retail.  It's surprising how much stuff is available out there.  I now have the touring backrest (and brackets), crash bars and windshield.  Next on the list is saddlebags, loud pipes and a fuel manager.  I am only buying the suzuki accessories because they fit sooo nice. 
Anyway, ride safe and thanks for reading!!

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